In this review, we explore Surfshark, one of the most popular VPN services, and evaluate its performance and functionality specifically on Windows 11. We look at everything from the installation process to the security features that come with it. Join me as we delve into this detailed analysis.

Installation and Setup

Installing Surfshark on Windows 11 is a breeze. The VPN client can be downloaded directly from the Surfshark official website or through the Windows Store, ensuring a smooth installation process. The app guides users through the setup with clear instructions, making it easy for anyone to get started regardless of their technical expertise.

User Interface

Surfshark’s user interface on Windows 11 is both modern and user-friendly. It features a minimalistic design that integrates neatly with the overall aesthetic of Windows 11. The interface allows easy connection to the fastest available server or to a server from a specific country with just a few clicks. Settings and additional features are intuitively organized, ensuring a straightforward user experience.

Speed and Performance

Surfshark offers excellent speed and performance, making it ideal for streaming, downloading, and browsing without significant slowdowns. Even when connected to servers in distant locations, the impact on internet speed is minimal, which is a significant advantage for users who need a fast and reliable VPN service on Windows 11.

Security Features

The security aspect of Surfshark is robust, featuring AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, and secure protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2. Additionally, Surfshark provides unique features such as CleanWeb, which blocks ads and trackers, and Whitelister, a split-tunneling tool that allows specific apps to bypass the VPN. These features ensure a secure and customizable browsing experience on Windows 11.

Customer Support

Surfshark’s customer support is commendable, with 24/7 availability via live chat and email. Their support team is knowledgeable and quick to respond, providing Windows 11 users with reliable assistance whenever needed. The extensive FAQ and help center on their website also offer valuable resources for troubleshooting common issues.


Surfshark's pricing is competitive, offering various plans that cater to different needs and budgets. They provide significant discounts for long-term commitments, which makes it an affordable option for Windows 11 users looking for a reliable VPN service. Additionally, Surfshark allows unlimited simultaneous connections, which adds exceptional value to their pricing plans.

Conclusion: Surfshark is a compelling choice for Windows 11 users seeking a combination of ease of use, excellent performance, and robust security. Its user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and strong customer support make it a top-tier VPN solution in the market.

Surfshark Features
  • Secure ShoppingShop Securely Online
  • Secure TorrentingSecure File Sharing
  • Speed BoostTurbo Speed VPN
  • Kill SwitchSafety Net Feature
  • Global AccessUnlimited Global Entry
  • Ultra SecurityUltra Strong Protection
  • Wi-Fi ProtectionProtected Wi-Fi Use
  • Streaming ReadySeamless Video Streaming
  • Global NewsstandAccess News Anywhere
  • Encrypted ChatPrivate Encrypted Conversations
  • Ad BlockerEliminate Annoying Ads
  • Multiple ProtocolsProtocol Selection Variety
  • Privacy GuardSecure Your Privacy
  • IP MaskingMask Real IP
  • Censorship EvaderEvade Blocks Anywhere
  • Stealth ModeStealthy Web Access
  • Split TunnelingFlexible App Protection
  • ISP ShieldShield From ISP Tracking
  • Data FortressUnbreachable Data Protection
Surfshark Servers
  • Canada250+
    • Montreal
    • Toronto
    • Vancouver
  • Mexico30+
    • Mexico City
  • United States250+
    • Atlanta
    • Buffalo
    • Charlotte
    • Chicago
    • Dallas
    • Denver
    • Kansas City
    • Los Angeles
    • Manassas
    • Miami
    • New York
    • Phoenix
    • Salt Lake City
    • San Francisco
    • Seattle
    • St Louis
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